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Anyone got: Wheel and Pinion Cutting in Horology - Wild

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Hi, I got this book from the library about 1 year ago, cost me only about 2.50 and took me 4 weeks for them to hunt it down for me! It was a great book and one on my wanted list when funds allow!

On one of the later pages in the book, there was a wheel crossing out jig. I took plans for how to make it but would like to see the pictures again or see an explanation of how it is used. I've all the materials ready!

If anyone has the book and would be willing to read through the jig pages and give a summary again of how it can be used. It is fairly self explanatory and I'm sure most bright sparks on here could work it out for them self but I remember there being half pins filed flat and the odd thing I wasn't clear about.


Hello Ray,
Did you by any chance scan the drawing's??? :drool:

If you did., What is the chance of getting a
copy from you...? :scratch:

Ken. :thumbup:


Check out this link:

Ken. :clap:

I have it!

 Chris, did you get my pm? I have not had a reply.


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