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1954 Ford 850 Tractor w/blown Head Gasket (at the very least)

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Pete, I have to admit, in this length of time, I haven't gone back and set the valves properly, while running. This is a good reminder. I also left the Ford gas tank off of the tractor and just used the pathetically small utility engine tank, still jury rigged to the engine... on the occasions when I want to dig. This means topping up the tank about every ten minutes. Dumb!  :palm:

If I set the valves running, in other words, properly, I'd feel I could re-mount the original tank, and add back the sheet metal that came (unattached) when I bought the tractor. That original tank makes it impossible to set the valves. In fact it's impossible to remove the valve cover. But I do need to complete this project. So I will when I can, probably in the next few weeks.

Re-reading what you've done in the past is a really good reminder.  :beer:


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