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Hi Guys,
just read the 'machinist jewellery' thread so I thought I would get another one going. I make these. They are 'titanium 5 location marker beacons'. Mostly people use them like zip pulls on jackets and such or put them on knives, keys torches etc. The inserts glow for around 25 years or so... I designed the parts in cad, prototyped them in my lathe then sub contracted the bead for production. All the finishing processes like polishing and engraving I do myself. Its quite a bit of work and I think the customer is getting a bargain for the price. Hope you like them!

Very nice. I have been wanting to do something like that for awhile.

Very nice Johnny Boy, what is in the insert that keeps it glowing for 20 odd years?
How big are the pieces overall and what is the asking price?......OZ.

Hi Oz!
the inserts contain tritium gas with a phosphor coating that then glows. Size, 15mm tall by 11mm or so... I have a few different models, price goes from 40 to 100 euros depending upon engraving etc. They are not easy to make.

cheers, Johnny


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