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A new era for Electric Bike racing on the Isle of Man

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 As some of you will already know the Isle of Man TT has become famous in recent years for it's efforts in promoting and developing electric powered road racing as a viable form of motorsport in its own right.

This has brought about the addition of the TT Zero race class being included as regular event on the
 TT week  schedule.

Another exciting announcement has been made this weekend heralding the dawn of a new era in electric motorcycle racing that the 2014 Isle of Man southern 100 club road races will be staging the first road race to see electric powered race bikes compete directly in the same class as those powered by internal combustion engines.(see news links for full schedule of races to be contested this season)

Click on Links to news stories below:,-Classic-TT-and-Manx-GP&newsid=11192

More to come on this subject later.....OZ.

Another interesting news development that has broke cover in the last couple of days is the announcement by the Mugen Shinden team of their entry into this tears TT Zero race.

Top riders John McGuinness and Bruce Anstey will both be riding what are described as significantly redesigned and faster Mugen electric race bikes in comparison to the version they raced here last year.

In last years event McGuinness recorded an average lap speed of over 109 mph to take second place on the rostrum with Michael Rutter beating him by a couple of seconds margin, Rutter was riding a Team Moto Czysz bike.

Neither of them managed to break the magical 100 mph lap average,though interestingly,McGuinness was averaging about 115mph at the 3/4 race distance mark.

McGuinness had made the decision to back of the throttle at the 3/4 distance to conserve battery energy,which he felt may be running low and could possibly put his chance of finishing at risk if he had continued to push  at the earlier pace.

As it turned out on post race inspection of his bike he had miscalculated and did in fact have sufficient battery energy in reserve and could have kept the pace considerably higher with the likelihood of a race win and probably a 100 mph lap record.

Looking forward to this year and the expected improvements in motor and battery technology we could realistically be looking at a lap record speed in the 115mph territory,that is about the same level as a top flight 600cc sidecar outfit currently achieves.

All of this speculation is of course dependent on weather conditions,if there are any damp patches anywhere on the course then race speeds will be slowed down somewhat........OZ.
Link to TT press release here:

I can not find any news or recent press release from or about MotoCzysz indicating what their intentions are for the TT Zero 2014 event.

I do recall news after last years TT event that team boss Michael Czysz was unwell and undergoing medical treatment,but nothing since. Link to Motoczysz site here:

If any of you guys hear or know any news about the current situation with team Motoczysz then please post it up on this thread.....Cheers, OZ.

I was at the Motoczysz website earlier and didn't see anything about the TT. Their electric bike is absolutely gorgeous.

I have been following him when he decided he wanted to build a motoGP bike and was working on the IC version. They did a Documentary back in 07. I watched it back then, need to find it again...

The mission RS is sick looking too

Are they going to race this year? I haven't looked. I can't seem to find a complete roster.


John Stevenson:
Did a bit of work on one of the motors for one of these IoM TT bikes.

The one in question has two motors linked and then drives the wheel.
This is the motor data plate off one

Think that would go well on the Bridgy ?


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