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GOOGLE voice, free phone calls


So, my problem, my wireless was being hacked every time I'd leave it on, looked on youtube, 65,000 ways and programs to hack passwords on wireless routers. Takes about 20 minutes or so. DUHH>>

WHY?  Google has free telephone service, all it requires is a wireless connection, sign up for google ID, go to google voice, they will generate you a phone number to use.. download the app for your tablet, or android device (smart phone) and it logs onto the wireless and makes phone calls.

Now, that explains, free internet in so many places, why cars park for a few minutes at a time. They drive around till they find a open wireless router and make a phone call.

IT works on your own home wireless too.

USE IT for free phone calls, it will end in June I thiink thou?? or become a paid service.
My nexus 7 tablet works better than my cell phone, more clear. Call anywhere in the USA and Canada free.

FREE STUFF.. we all love a free lunch??


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