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Eurospark H425 Die Sinker EDM reborn

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I've had my Eurospark H425 Die Sinker EDM for many years - bought it as a non worker and fixed a few problems probably about twelve years ago. Then about (guessing) eight years ago (*) the tank bellows split and I replaced them. Well about six months  (*) ago they split again so this job has been outstanding since then.

First delve in and remove the bellows, so first the table has to come off. This is a mighty heavy chunk of cast iron!


(* later correction. First changed Bellows October 2005, and they failed September 2013 )

Then the old bellows need to come off. This involves removing the tank as it's seal is trapped between the hydraulic cylinder and the tank

Then we need to inspect the hydraulic ram and check for blemishes. Note that the central pillar holding the table stays stationary, and the outer part raises bringing the tank up around the table.

Now comes the tricky bit. Putting in the new bellows without damaging them. Various hazards, for instance the cap screws that hold the tank onto the ram are under a fold of the bellows, so don't slip and tear the new ones. They were only 280 so no pressure  :bugeye:

Turns out that the replacement has ten convolutions whereas the old one had fifteen. Quick call to Eurospark who confirm that this is correct  :scratch:

Now to get the table back on. There's an electrical connection to it (it's isolated from ground as it can be negative or positive) and the 'free length' is so short to make it very fiddly.


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