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Difficult to see on a dark night


Look what turned up yesterday evening.

Jet black solid colour perspex.

Just 4 7"x7"x0.5" samples, but with the option of a lot more larger sizes (12"x12") and colours.

They are used for studio mounting of professional photos, and any slight blemish they are rejected and thrown away.

What wonderful items for small machine display bases, laminating and machining of differing colours would bring all sorts of combinations.

Becasue they are such a deep black, they were a pig to get a decent pic.


ooooh, v nice

would certainly make some classy bases

I've never tried it, but isn't perspex difficult to machine?  :scratch:

No Darren,

In fact very easy to machine, as long as you keep the tool tip and the material cooler than the melting point of the perspex. Slow and easy does it.

Polishing it afterwards is the hard part. But I've bought myself a special plastic polishing kit for my buffing machine, and I am dying to try it out.



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