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I have made a few changes. Ones that I think will be a bit easier.

In order to have full use of the PM feature on this board, we are requiring a minimum of 5 posts. It used to be 10, but I have since seen that 5 is a more reasonable number.

As a member with less than 5 posts, you can send and receive only 2 PMs. I know it seems harsh, but we do get spammers that sign up, just to send PMs or to PM members asking them for drawings of whatever project they have going on. This is not acceptable. It is pretty easy to get 5 posts. Post up an introduction thread... I am sure you will get asked questions.


Seems fine to me  :thumbup:


That sounds like it should work ok.  :D

cheers  :beer:


Hmmm... shouldn't there be a vote or something?

;) Just kidding.  Thanks for doing what you can to avoid spam.

Hey Guys,

Due to some issues with some spam messages, I have had to kill the sending of any PM to members with less than 5 posts. This was not an easy decision but one that had to be made. I and the team feel that 5 posts is not a lot to use the messaging system here. I know other boards require even more.


This took some technical trickery... if any regular member has issues sending PMs, please let me know.


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