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Glad to be of help Ger.

Is there anything specific you need to know? I did that rebuild in an era before I got into the habit of taking lots of photos.

I pretty well totally dismantled it to strip and rebuild, but it had to be a fast job as I needed it for the house rebuild that I was doing at the time, so things were left 'war finish' in places rather than filled and fully fettled. It is a superb machine to use and although nowadays I don't use it often, I'd not part with it.

Good luck with yours.

Thanks for the very quick reply.

My main thing i'd love to know is there a manual for it? I see there is a manual for sale on but it says in the description itself that its not very detailed and was worried about buying it to find out its just the sales leaflet you already posted.

Would you recommend a certain sequence to do the refurbishment, for some reason i'm focusing on stripping/refurbing the planer first, put that back together then moving onto the table saw, then cross cut. Little bit worried about taking it all apart and having a large (mostly mental) task of putting it back together.

Other thing then is you have a good description of the DC injection braking system but was wondering would you be able to share images of the DC braking system and how you fitted it into the machine.

Really appreciate the reply and any information you have.


Iíll have a dig around and see what I can find. I remember that the various delays were implemented by little PIC based boards made by a chap in Sevenoaks and advertised on eBay. I got him to slightly change the design of one of them.

I tried to find details about what I did a couple of years ago for someone and failed. It is just possible I put circuit diagrams in the housing box, Iíll take a screwdriver to it later !

Bingo !

As I suspected I've put documentation in the actual unit itself so I'm attaching pictures. If the resolution isn't enough drop me an email with an email address that will accept the photos as .jpgs of about 3MB each.

Good luck

Thanks very much Andrew!, it is much appreciated, I will give them a study and if I'm unsure about anything il be back to you  :D 

The electrics are the last thing on my list, not my strong point so would like to be sure I've everything right before before investing in that. Realistically  its not something you want to be winging, so I'll look for someone to do it for me.

I will hopefully get a good few pictures of the refurb during and post them to help any other potential people. Of all my searches online, this thread was the most useful so would love to add to it.



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