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(Reviving a very old post here, but it's the logical place to put the information)

I've been using this machine quite a bit recently, and decided that there were a few improvements I'd like to make to make use a little easier. When I re-built it, a few things got left off the list due to time, and not being able to source materials - mainly the various locking devices.

Most on the planer hold downs, fence, and rip saw guard were male 3/8" Whitworth square headed bolts. OK they work fine, but I find I'm everlastingly looking for the square hole spanner - I would have liked to replace them with 'Adjustable Clutch Levers' as I did on the planer in and outfeed table locks. Those were 1/2" Whitworth Female that I did find a source for but were very expensive.

Also the 'locking bar' for the cross cut saw had be badly bent at some time in the past and was beyond straightening so a new one was needed.

So then I had a flash of inspiration - Metric versions of these adjustable levers were available very cheaply both on eBay and from WDS - I got them from WDS as I suspect their quality is slightly better. So what was the flash of inspiration - make up a double ended stud - metric one end Whitworth the other, and Loctite the stud into a female metric lever converting it into a Whitworth Male - easy peasy  :ddb:

Now one of the levers - the one that locks the vertical position of the planer guard - actually clashed with the thicknesser setting wheel so it wouldn't turn a full revolution. This got the same treatment.

I made up a mild steel replacement for the cross saw locking bar - decided to also give it an adjustable lever for completeness, and nickel plated it as things tend to rust in the unheated woodwork shop.

Then the final change was to improve the lighting by fitting a dedicated twin 6 foot fluorescent directly over the machine - what a change - can actually see what I'm doing now  :lol:

Like you don't like looking for the last place I left the spanner when making an adjustment. Nice solution, well executed .


Apologizes for bringing back an old thread but seems like the best place to Start.

A few months ago I picked up one of these exact machines 16" supreme Elliot woodworker, It was sitting in an old workshop in Limerick, Ireland and has now being mowed to my workshop also in Limerick. Was always in dry storage so nothing seized with rusty, but alot of bits need a clean and some oiling. I have refurbished an a Wadkin AGS 10 Table saw but this is on another scale again. However, from having a good look at it, it is a very simple machine just big and heavy.

Essentially I'm writing this to get in contact with yourself Andrew and hopefully learn something from your refurbishment of the same machine, there is little information online and the best info that i've come across is the sales leaflet you posted here back in 2013.

Hopefully I'll hear from you!



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