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I decided to make a model carousel for my grandaughter and feel confident now that I will at least be able to make it even if I dont have one with all the lights like I asked about in the "how to" section.
I started off by making a mistake pic1 the first carriages i made where much too big so I made 5 smaller ones (only need 4 but one is just in case).
Next I cut the playwood circles and ring will will make the base, top and deck of the carousel and glued many coffee stirrers to simulate planks onto the deck. The coffee stirrers are good for the scale but I need to make sure they show through the paint I will put on it.
that will do for now I will not rush to put all the pics up as I still have a very long way to go to complete it.

I love carousels. I will be watching this one!


Good brass machine I wasnt sure anyone would be interested.
The pics and stages are not in the order I did them I have skipped ahead here and there.
I made the centre section for the carousel, this needs to be hollow to house the motor and gearing and most probably the electronics or whatever I decide for the lights and music.
Some simple wire twisted with the drill soldered into some brass holders to keep the deck in place all painted gold, looks very impressive I think.


--- Quote from: shipto on August 01, 2013, 01:00:21 PM ---Good brass machine I wasnt sure anyone would be interested.

--- End quote ---

I think most people will be. Not everyone makes a comment though. Post away... it isn't in vain.


I would like to see how you did the wire twisting.

The decking looks nice. Is it just glued?


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