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Oh Blimey I bought a CNC Lathe !!!!

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Pete W.:
Hi there, Andrew,

Congratulations on reversing entropy!  I've enjoyed watching the Traub Saga and I look forward to your next project.

 :offtopic:  Why did I think of you when I read this news item?

A diversion for your holiday guests perhaps?

   :lol:   :ddb:   :lol:   :ddb:   :lol:   :ddb: 

We have TRAUB TND 300 CNC lathe (2 axis) with System TX8 controller. Computer type: FCA330HLX-VThe following problem has occurred:At start-up in the morning, the Part 2 system button on the control panel illuminated. So far, No. 1 has always been lit. For some reason, we canít get out of No. 2. The keyboard works, but Even if I press the button, it doesn't turn it off.
Can a parameter loss be the cause? How do I turn off System 2?Is there a way to fix this error?
Error code H012 - 2 Teilsysteme angewahlt
Thank you in advance for your response

I'm afraid that I sold my Traub several years ago and all the documentation went with it.

I always found the Traub help Desk very helpful, especially so after I sent them a bottle of Whisky following a particularly knotty problem solving session !

It's so long ago I've no longer got their contact details, but I'm sure Google will find them


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