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Oh Blimey I bought a CNC Lathe !!!!

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I've been casting around for a CNC lathe a bit bigger and better equipped than the Eagland Chipturn that I've recently rebuilt and I stubbed my toe on a Traub TND 350G with a dead Mitsubishi TX8F control. Weighing in at 4055 kgs with I believe an 18Kw main spindle, an auxillary spindle of similar power, a 12 position tool post, and even a 'C' axis on the main spindle it's quite a monster! I thought I might try replacing the controller with a LinuxCNC box, but I'll have a go first at repairing the TX8F as it seems a very capable control, if a bit obscure when it comes to finding information.

It only just squeezed into the space left in my workshop, but there is room to work round it and the loo door ALMOST fully opens <G>

If anyone knows these machines or especially the Mitsubishi controller I'd be keen to hear from you

A few pictures for your amusement

A few more pictures!

Impressive bit of kit awemawson   :thumbup:

Now have machine envy  :coffee:


Holy Cow!  :jaw:

One thing to check -- I mean this is a totally off the wall, stab in the dark suggestion --

Some old nonvolatile memory chips had an internal battery -- in the chip itself, and the battery had a service life of about 10 years -- Texas instruments made them, I think.

Check for these in whatever kind of memory section this beast has.


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