Author Topic: Cartridge screw on Beretta 92fs..  (Read 9151 times)

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Cartridge screw on Beretta 92fs..
« on: January 30, 2013, 12:30:49 PM »
Hi all

A mate at work had this nice Beretta 92fs but the cartridge screw threads were damaged and he struggled to turn it far enough so that the cam lever could do it's job..

He cut the bad threads off with a hacksaw but then found that it was too short to reach the cart  :doh:

I brought the screw home and made one 5mm longer (he said that he'd cut 5mm off- it was more like 10mm by the looks of it!..

here is the original screw and the replacement, threads are 5mmx.8

The part in situ..

Once screwed up to the cart, the threads don't reach through the female receiver part (zinc alloy camming bit, dunno what it's called) so I think i'll make another one a few mm's longer just for peace of mind..

Here's a pic of the pistol which is now mine!!, another lad at work wanted to buy it, I repaired it so that my mate could sell it to him, he then cvhanged his mind so I ended up buying it  :thumbup:

Cheers, John  :beer: