Author Topic: Secrets of Green-Sand Casting  (Read 3098 times)

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Secrets of Green-Sand Casting
« on: May 12, 2008, 07:11:23 AM »
Secrets of Green-Sand Casting
by: International Correspondence Schools
copyrightę1906 originally
trade paper back
This is a reprint by Lindsay Publications
ISBN# 0-917914-08-2

Greensand has nothing to do with the color of the sand. Mine that I use for small stuff is red.
That said the book was part of the old magazine staple of advertising
The ICS schools, they have been around along time.
The greensand refers to the fact that the molds are of damp state or only that their surfaces have skin dried.
This book covers all the basics, and is good for the home doer because it deals in mostly hand worked stuff.

From mixing the material that goes into the sand to working out the risers, gates and all the other things that will make for a good casting. Whether it be a small trinket, or a broken antique tractor part.
Lindsay does have a complete selection of "OLD SCHOOL" technology books Here

It was an interesting read even if your needs are on a more art type scale as once it hits the molding room floor it's "just work!" from an old mold monkey.
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