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Good place to buy Delrin/POM square bar/cut to size sheet materials


Hey up folks,

I've got a few bits and bobs of jobs to do from this sort of material.

Like some hose fitting T pieces, they'll need to start as a bit of cut plate or a slice of a square bar 40mm thick approx x 100x100

Any good and economical places to buy it from?


I've bought odd bits of plastic and Tufnol from here , which is the "offcuts and small pieces department" of Davis Industrial Plastics.

At present, it looks like they have closed up the shop until Wednesday. I haven't used them for a yar or so, but back then I was impressed by the reasonable P&P charges.


Ended up dealing with "engineering plastics" in leeds.

Brilliant firm, could not be more helpful and quite reasonable prices :)


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