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Flintl Lock Rifle Target


While clearing out a half a century of accumulated junk I came across this target that I had shot back in 1965. The friend that I was shooting with happened to be a Notary so he certified that it was a true, 25 yard, shot. I call this my "One Shot Group" as there was no way I wanted to mess up such a fine shot with any follow-up.

Nice one!

My very first shot on an indoor 25yd .22 target range was just like that. Never really got the knack of doing it ten times over, though, despite using target rifles rather than a flintlock. Though my best average was 98.3 ex 100 one season, its surprising how infrequently 100 turned up.


Top shot old chap  :D I would be proud of that as well. I used to hunt feral goats and donkeys 20 years ago and used a .58 percussion muskatoon replica with great success as the reload time negated a good second shot though never tried target shooting with it. Might have to look into that

Nice shot, bottled out with further ones :thumbup:

Did try 25 yard indoor .22 30 yrs ago, not for me.
Prefer the unknown ranges and wind playing their part.

Nice rifle, Im a guessing that even though the receiver was commercial, the rest of the action was not?  LL


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