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Heres a 'wood' project for you!

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Divided he ad:
Ok John.... Credit where it's due   :clap:   I'd never have the patience let alone the skil to do that !!

I like the look of the older motors.... Much more classy :)

Very cool  :thumbup:


Looks like a real "basket case"!

Can you make one for me?

For a minute there I thought the picture was posted backwards. The steering wheel is on the wrong side. Then I saw were your from John and I figured it out. :doh:

Very nice work through out the whole car.


John Hill:
Oh yes John it was legal though I did break one of the rules.  Under the regs as they were at that time one could 'rebody' a car and just meet some basic rules like safety glass (na), wipers (na), door locks (na), lights (no problem, this one had more candlepower than horse power).   The rule I broke related to no alterations to the chassis which I did by moving the engine back 4 1/2", it I had not it would have been dangerously front heavy and as it was it only really balanced when the battery was moved to the back.

There was (still is) a 6 montly check on brakes, steering etc etc and at one of these a bystander commented on the 'safety' of the wicker body and his tone really pissed me off so I took a deep breath, careful aim and gave it an almighty kick in the withers which of course made not an impression on the wicker. Then I offered to do the same test on his car.


--- Quote from: John Hill on February 17, 2009, 01:14:11 PM ---Then I offered to do the same test on his car.

--- End quote ---

He was obliging of course,

wasn't he?

No....oh... :clap:


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