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Posted this on another forum and thought you should have the pleasure om reading them too.

Mazak renishaw
Been working a lot on a okuma mx45, where you have to turn a key on the handwheel to go from the handwheel to rapid motion, then had a job over on a mazak vtc..... That key on the handwheel did not have anything to to with rapid motion, it realeased the tool... It dropped the renishaw! Lucky for me it was only the probe that broke!

Ecocca rapid
Was setting up for a new part on a lathe, about to set the tool in x.... Hit the rapid button and the tool rushed into the piece and ended up ripping the jaws off and making a big hole in the machine.

Facing a part
Held on too little on a big part in the lathe, 1500rpm, the part flew out of the chuck, hit me in the shoulder, hit the mill behind me, hit the ceiling and then it was just gone!

Surface grinder
Took too much in one go and sent the piece flying! My dad was standing beside me, he had this horrible tendency to stand in the direction where part was most likely to come flying! After that day he always stood where I told him to.

Coolant on lathe
Classic! Turned on the lathe and some joker decided to point the coolant hose at the direction of the operator!

Snowman boss
Yes I actually turned my boss into a snowman! Milling a piece of plastic for some kind of tool had to remove quite a bit of material so a heavy cut, rpm to max and likewise with the feed as soon as I turned on the mill my boss walked by and got covered in nice plastic snow! Did almost the same thing with an apprentice on a lathe. I really enjoy machining plastic.... Everything os soo pretty afterwards! Hehe

Tool change not in home position
On the okuma lathes I'm used to there is a safety build in so you can only change tool when x is in home position... Aparently Doosan does not! Brand new machine! Change tool... Crash! Turret slammed into the tailstock!

Feel down a welding table
From my time before considering becomming a machinist I worked shortly on a factory as a welder with the possibility of becomming a apprentice smith! I was on this high welding table welding a huge impeller, I stepped backwards, fell down and dislocated my shoulder, most painfull injury I have ever had, to this day I still have some problems with the shoulder and I cant put to much stress on that arm. It cost me the chance to become a smith because I could not handle the heavylifting and it cost me the chance to become a farm mechanic/operator.

Trying to lift a heavy 50mm endmill by grapping the flutes without gloves
Messy! Cut up my hand the tool was sitting in a iso50 holder.

Jamming my hand into a spear like part
Also very messy! Cut clean through the glove and into the back of my hand.
Did I mention they know me by name at the emergency room?

Shirt on fire
Angle grinder and a flammable shirt.....

Hot chip
We all know this one! Hot chips flying everywhere and burning into flesh!


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I really shouldn't laugh at other peoples .....................................

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I'm glad you are a long way from me  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Like they say "things do happen" but it seems you are a magnet  :) :) :)

John will be along in a minute or two.................wait for it.


   :bugeye:       Where did you say you worked?   :bugeye:

Nowhere near here, I hope!   :lol:

David D

Come on! Its not that bad! Hehe alot of it happened when I was an apprentice so lets call it inexperince.... Or stupidity!

The really bad thing with the doosan machine was that I was telling some people that you cant change tool when not in home position......


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