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What's that in my eye?

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Just thought I would share this.

I am not one of these safety nannies Im really not, far from it.  :poke:

One of these quick release air hose connectors wasnt working correctly the guy disconnected the air tool he was using and then whilst looking down the end poked at it with a small screw driver. Yep you guessed it something shot out and hit him just underneath his eye, it penetrated 18mm  into his eye socket. The bit was removed surgically.  :thumbup:

The good news is there was no damage to the eye none whatsoever just a couple of stitches underneath his eye. He was extremely lucky.  :ddb:

Be careful.

Daft bugger - I bet he won't try that again!

I too have had an operation to remove something from my eye. I was using a large stillson wrench to unscrew a heavy shaft which was zinc-plated. Where the stillson gripped the shaft it pinged a  spear-shaped piece of the plating end first deep into my right eye. Was about an 25mm long and stopped 2mm short of the retina. I had it removed at Moorfields Hospital - luckily I was working only half a mile from one of the best eye hospitals in the world! I was told by the surgeon that there was a very high probability that I would lose the sight in that eye. Luckily for me, the surgery was a complete success and my vision is still perfect, though I have to be very careful not to get a bang on the head of any sort lest the retina detach, because they had to use a tiny grappling tool to pull the piece out and it took out some of the eye jelly along with it.

Anyone's eyes watering yet? :D

John Rudd:

--- Quote from: Pete. on August 23, 2012, 10:25:41 AM ---
Anyone's eyes watering yet? :D

--- End quote ---

Yes mine....They always do when I hear of eye injuries...

As a child I made several trips to the local infirmary for eye injuries including one to remove a shard of clinker that was lodged in my left eye after some kids at school were messing with the ash from the school boiler...( how many school boilers are coal/coke powered these days?  :D )

Before the days of safety glasses etc. I remember an apprentice cutting a keyway in a  bore, on a shaper.

The tool snapped, just as he was taking a look up the bore.  :loco:

Luckily it hit his cheekbone, hard! 

David D

I lost my left eye 40 years ago in a air gun incident
It is no fun believe me
Not wearing safety glasses is just beyond belief
You can get a good pair for a tenner
Anuthing involving angle grinders ect i wear a face screen


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