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Watch your feet!!!


Powder Keg:
Today I was welding. I had a length of I beam I was using as a straight edge to pull some sheet metal straight before I welded it. Everything went good. The part came out pretty good. It was a big piece and a little awkward. When I lifted it up it hooked the I Beam and knocked it off the saw horses. Darn thing landed right on my toes.

I'll probably live


My sympathies, Wes. Hope no toe bones were broken.

I bet it made you hopping mad  :)


It looks a bit like a tempering chart
I hope nothing was broken
Proberbly the only time a safety boot would have helped :lol: :lol: :lol: :Doh:

by that color i wood say its case hardend  hope all is wel soon

 Hi Powder Keg Tried that on two separate occasions I have the greatest sympathy with you. Now safety boots is the footwear to use in the workshop. Hope you heal quickly.



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