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Can you guess what it is YET

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Dunno?? The holes, are the going to be riveted on to what/where ever they are going?

Definitely curious.


Well its finnished so dont be disapointed as it is nothing clever just a LADDER, hear are two pictures showing it next to the picture I used to get some detail, and one where it will eventuly go when painted it will be bolted on with 12ba brass bolts , I tend to bolt as many fittings on as I can that way I can paint first then bolt on , or remove if there is a problem , and they dont fall off as I dont mind making one but get bored re making parts that I have lost.

thanks for taking part sorry it was not more interesting. :ddb:


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thanks for taking part sorry it was not more interesting. :ddb:

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Peter... It isn't boring. It is very interesting. We get to see your skill and talent PLUS we get to use our brains trying to figure it out! Very cool in my book.


Thanks for showing that Peter I had no idea what it was going to be, I see your techneque now.  :thumbup:


Very nice indeed Peter.

Just like yourself, I used to spend days getting fittings 'just so'. If it didn't look right, another one was made.

Yours looks spot on.

Here is a shot of a very young uncle Bogs with a 4ft clyde puffer I was building, unfortunately all my brasswork had been painted by then. Because of the scale, all fittings had to be hand made. So I know the labour of love you are putting into this model.



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