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Can you guess what it is YET

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Divided he ad:
Peter..... I never saw that coming!!  :jaw:

I Had to study the first pic again too, just to fugure it out.... Nice work  :clap:

You have given me something in this though, I was thinking about machining flat plate the other day and was wondering how to hold it..... Job solved!  :thumbup:

John.....  I'm not saying anything.....   :bugeye:  'cept, Nice boat   :thumbup:


Thanks for that chaps, Ill try and find a better subject for the next one, and John did that boat have a valve radio in it ? because you do look Young.


Nice one Peter. Should have reconized it since they use something similar in the model railroading hobby. A flat piece of brass forumed up and holes in it for the rungs. Again very nice fabrication job.

Bog's, I'm impressed. This must have been before you consumed all those jammy donuts and coffee, right.  :lol:



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