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Stuck Collet Chuck Arbor

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Guy fall from a roof, they wanted to call a doctor for him, he said “no, get me another guy who fall also from a roof…” :lol:

I will keep thy gadget for live evidence for reference for reminder.
As I was applying the rig I notice the difficulty to hold the parts together in the beginning before tightening the nuts. So maybe one side can be fixed and other side would be moveable to encountered?

A couple of strong rubber bands would leave both hands free :) :) :) :) :)

Hi Unal,

That would be pretty easy to do, just drill a pair of holes through one bar, drill and tap the wedge for a pair of M4 screws?

Or... what I do, put the bolts though, wedges in place and put a couple of nylon cable ties around it all!

Dave H. (the other one)

Thanks Dave D, John, Rob Dave H, Thank you all…

It pays to double measuring and measuring once more.. I had ordered another Collet chuck, for I was almost sure that, this chuck would be damaged beyond use. What do you know, the new chuck arrived wouldn’t accept my collets they were too tall for it.
Aren’t these stuff supposedly standard? I have 1-16 spring type collets set, only one of them (8.5-9 was a short one) amongst, fits in this new chuck.
Now after removed chuck, I looked through the spindle quill and haven’t seen any particles or sign of rust, sprayed with diesel fuel and brushed by gun barrel brush. But is there anything else I should be doing to preventing  happening  again.

But is there anything else I should be doing to preventing  happening  again.


Clunk the taper into it's socket. Hold the drawbar spanner at it's centre. Don't tighten up.

Just have the drawbar nipped up, to stop the arbor coming loose. You will be surprised how little pressure is needed to drive the tooling.

Works for me!  :thumbup:

David D


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