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Hi Guys,
I am all new, to machining and to this site. I made a "grave" mistake, that "I know now" . Couple of years back I bought my mill (MFL 20) and just pluged in and start playing. All went fine other than couple of times stripped gears and changed.. everything was smooth and nice, up until I decided to change collet chuck...! it refused to come off... Yes, I tried to hit the drawbar as hard as my heart would alowe and oiled, WD40'd and evry trick I heard.. but, arbor is stuck.. No, it wont come off... I am doomed live with this stuck collet chuck arbor.
I didnt have any need to change for mandrane or any other reason to move it than.. or now really.. but it just bothers me, I should have removed the thing and get the rust and dust, all cleaned up when I receive the machine before I use I guess...
Well, what now? anybody has any ideas.. I can take the headstock down and apart it but, it would it be any use at all? what shall I do..? can anybody help me on this?

Fergus OMore:
I've no idea of what sort chuck is jammed but sometimes two opposing steel taper wedges progressively tightenned will succeed when brute force and bloody ignorance( my usual technique) fail.

If you don't want to hammer any harder in case you damage the bearings or bend the column, and if wedges don't work, you could try removing the spindle, turning it upside down and slamming the end of the drawbar down on to your bench.


I'm 100% in agreement with Norman and Andy on this. You do NOT want to be hamming on that drawbar very much. There's not a precision bearing maker in the world that wants to see impact force transmitted thru the bearings.

I tried Googling your mill, But not much came up. So what type of mill is it? What taper is it? What type of collet chuck? It may require the head to be removed and then taken somewhere that has a press. Support the bottom of the spindle and then press the collet chuck out.

You could try tightening a rod into a collet, Tighten the other end into the mills vice and  Use that to help pull on the collet chuck while tapping on the loosened drawbar. It might work? I REALLY hope that's not a R-8 taper and the taper spun in the spindle shearing off the internal set screw though. If so, You might never get it apart.


Oh! Ooops, I made mistake on the machine type. it is " Optimum BF 20 Vario and MT2 /10mm Draw rod"
Thank you all, Andy, Fergus and Pete,

Er32 type of collet chuck and arbor stuck. and If I hit the drawbar on the top, which I dont like at all  (once so hard that feeding arm on side had almost a quarter turn like I was to drilling...) and I know than it will not come off by brutal force as Fergus said.
I dont know if  spindle will come out from either openning while the chuck is still attached..(?)


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