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Danger!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will Robinson!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is not the same recall as the one last year
For all those that use the new Map Pro, Propylene and MAPP Gas Cylinders
Gas Cylinders Recalled by Worthington Cylinders Wisconsin Due to Fire Hazard

Thanks for posting this!  I probably wouldn't have known otherwise, and I do use these.

What gets me is if you read the recall, it extends from 2004 to the present.  Did someone not realize this sooner??

I like reading the section where it shows the various labels a product is sold under too.  It really demonstrates how centralized some manufacturing really is.


Davo J:
This was circling around the net early last year, but not sure how long before that as I had not heard of of it.


This is not the same recall this has to do with the internal spring shut off valve when you remove the torch head for the cylinder for storage. according to the recall the gas can leak out after the torch head is removed. Not the neck snapping off.


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