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Glow in the dark, mica powders, pigments,waxes and emulserfiers


With Ralph's key rings and other things. Casting resin pen blanks, which I'm going to try.
Finding a supplier of materials to use, I went through my bookmarks and came up with a couple along with some that came from a pen forum.
Glow in the dark, colors long glow time and non radioactive!
United Nuclear

solor color dust

materials for making your own paints and coatings along with waxes etc.

dyes, colorants, pigments

slice of the moon

TKB trading

coastal scents

The Conservatorie added 3/3/12

Now some are cosmetic material suppliers that will deal with craft/hobby buyers. Coastal scents was the darling of the pen making community. But it sounds like to many jokers were calling with dumb to the company question. As I told one of the members that e mailed me. They don't do casting with resins, how are they supposed to answer you questions. Since they deal with do it yourself make-up!  :scratch:

I have just ordered form coastal scents and awaiting delivery of the mica/glitter powders. The others have waxes, and other materials that are used for making your own paints,stains etc.

I will say that most if not all of the so called mica powders and glitter are synthetic polyester material mica's.  The glitter also is made of polyester material base.
Now another heads up if you are going to add it to resins or mix up colorants, or patina's. Read the info and the detailed info as some of the powders are formulated for use in water base or oil base and don't work well with the opposite.

It is amazing me how many people, attempt to do things that they don't have a clue about, and then whine when things go wrong. Like using water mix powder paint and it doesn't do anything but clump, and the resin doesn't cure due to the PH being changed and the water they mixed in with the paint to liquify it.  :palm:

Your wife may have some raised eyebrows as the make-up suppliers put silly sticker on the package like Lipstick addict, you also may have to hide the material when she finds out she can make her own, make-up .

PS: almost forgot, the earth tone and mineral powder bases, are the same stuff that they sell at top dollar for Model RR weathering, along with military modelers and diorama doll house builders. The sample packs will give you a lot of use with smaller cost!  :clap:


From Coastal scents, the colors and what they look like  :dremel:

They can be used in just about any resin or epoxy type adhesive as a filler/colorant add to and mix with one of the parts or the resin before adding the hardener!  Makes it easier to mix completely and then it can be degassed/vacuumed if you feel the need.  :thumbup:

I got a small amount of GID powder off the BAY and felt like I paid an arm and a leg. I will have to check some of thse places out.


I think either would be a better deal, as somebody told me that the one person on flea bay was jacking the price up.
$10.00 per ounce at one  and 50 grams is about 1.6+ ounces for $10.00 at the other.
The other powders for arts and crafts and cosmetics are the basic same materials according to the MSDS sheets since BASF is a big player. I know talking to somebody that was in the chemical biz, that if it can be used as food/medicine/cosmetic grade material they only make one grade and then just say that the others aren't rated as food grade etc.
Makes sense top me.


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