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Small belt drive for model boat

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Hi Peter,

If you get the prop selection right, you will find that not only will you get longer running times, but better performance as well.

You should easily be able to add 20% to 25% to the prop size. If it is running say an X45 direct drive, try it on an X55 with the reduction gearbox.



This is a vidio of it direct drive, the run tome was not that good but its about at the boats limit for speed, we have played with props and we hope we can go up a bit and get a bit better run time .the tube is to water cool it as they do get warmish but this one is not to bad, I prefer to gear all my boats and have found that I get better run time and performance, the idea of this is so we can swap over very quick and do back to back tests , I have been trying to persuade this chap that it will sort some of his problems out for six months so this shouild do it . the runs where not very long as we where trying to avoid ducks in the vidio


I thought you were on about a fast electric, not a scale boat. In scale speed that must be nearly 200 MPH!!!

You need to go slower, not faster.


Hi Great video  :thumbup:

realy enjoyed it I didn't realise they went so fast  :bugeye:, the boats I saw at Paperwick were a lot slower, but I think they were steam.

And what do you mean avoiding ducks I thought you were hunting them.  :lol:



Did a few bits tonight while I wait for the M4 bolts to arrive , i bought a bender a few years ago and prob only use it about once every six months , I thought it might making brass parts a bit easyer on my hands but I still tend to end up using two bits of angel iron in the vice as I can controle it better. It seems to be each time I but something that I have thought that will help me do so and so when I get it I find its easyer to do by hand,  anyway hear are a few more  pictures to show the sides , the ally is a bit of "I dont know what" all I know is it rings like mad when drilling and took an age to get my panell puch through it , anyway the pictures will give an idea what its supposed to look like , we will see when its finnished    :ddb:




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