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Small belt drive for model boat

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Very nice job there Peter.  :thumbup:

I would think that the boat would lean to one side a bit with the motor offset like that or does the large pulley counter act the motor?


we will be balancing it up with a set of cells on the other .


That looks neat, really neat Peter,  :thumbup:


Job well done! Get anymore work done on your tug? I am dying to see more.


Thanks for that Chaps , I have a few jobs to do then it's back to the tug, when I had my mates boat on the bench i was in the mood to work on the tug, but could not get near it  :scratch: I have recently got a plan that was from a ship yard that built some of these tugs in the 1920s its the first bit of decent info I have had on the boat for some time , fortunatly what I have done up to now is quite near , there are a few bits that want altering and also it answers some questions as how things line up like the steering chains to the ships wheel, I wonderd why they went in to the bridge so far back, but it's because the wheel is at the back and the captain stands in front of it , strange set up but now al the chains line up and make sense, the only majour part to alter is the deck out side the bridge is not planked but grating, so some planking has to come up  :bang:

I also have a few brass window frames to knock up for a local modeler i thought it was only a few but it turned out to be 16 of them, must learn to keep quiet.



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