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Small belt drive for model boat

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Hi a friend has asked me to build a gear drive for his boat , one thing he wants is a good motor mount hat can also revert to direct drive so we can do back to back tests, I started today to make the main mounting plate, this has two positions fo the motor which is a water cooled 700bb race type motor, first you can use it for direct drive and by moving the motor ove and inserting a bearing holder you can have 2,1-1 so able to get a bit more eficency out of it heare a a few pictures of it so far, I started by drilling the motot holes with a step drill then finnished them of with my trusty boring head, I am getting better at using it , I only get half the noise and smoke I did when I started.
I have made the bearing holder that drops in the motor hole and locates as the motor would . there is a picture of yh mock up of how it will look I have to make theside mounts that will hold it in place.
I will put a link on to show the boat as it sails now , we are hoping for similar speed but a better run time

Peter :coffee:

A few more pictures, Ill post the finnishe unit in the next few days I hope.

Very cool. I am sure you are better with a boring head than I am. I would like to see pictures of this mounted up.


Very tidy,

What's that piping around the motor, a heat exchanger?

Water cooling jacket.


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