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Hi all, mechman 48 back again :wave:.
Hope I am in the right section.I have been given a 1:35 scale, part completed, model of the WW2 Railgun, 'Leopold' K5e, in aluminium,  from a colleague & mentor previously not seen for many years & had sadly passed away last year :palm:,unfortunately there were no plans with it. He had obviously had some in the past as there are some plates with ref #'s on them but these plans seem to have disappeared. Has anyone built one of these K5e's from scratch who has a complete set of scale drawings/plans that I could have copies of, costs for copy & postage will be reimbursed of course. :proj:

I have checked with Website 'one 35th' and there are plenty of kits advertised but I havent been able to find any one who has build one from scratch & these kits only contain construction instructions for the plastic parts. I will post photos of what I have when the cold weather eases off.
Any help greatly appreciated.  :nrocks:

Hi Guys
As mentioned have attached photos of K5e railgun that was given to me.This is going to be a major project on my toduit list :coffee:
Still on the lookout for scale drawings /plans if anyone out there has any ?

OOOPs photos

Barrel trunnion

total piecesc I have

Underneath elevation assembly

Some idea of size of model - so far approx 950mm lg

One truck assembly & wheels

Breech assembly

Hi George

I can't help you with the plans. That is an ambitious project! I can't wait to see you work on it.


No plans but nice photos


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