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My first engine, not quite finished


Okay, so I've been working on this little project for quite a while.  It's a vertical wobbler, from my own design.  I think I've remade just about every part on the thing at least twice.  As I tend to be my own worst critic, I am notorious for not being ever completely satified.  So, without further ado, here is a pic or two on the progress:

Why the notch?  Because I originally made the frame out of CRS, and broke off the tap in the end.  Not wanting to remake the bushing (about the only part I got right the first try), I made the center to the thickness of the steel piece.  Milling it was actually fairly succesful without too much drama.  Still needs some sanding.  The stainless is a scrap I scrounged from work.  Nice and shiny with no work!  Try not to notice the runs in the paint of the PVC base...

The piston rod:

Which is further along than the pic.  I added flats on the larger end, cut to length and polished it.  It was assembled to the piston, and fit better than I dared hope for.

More pictures to follow soon.  If pics are too big, let me know and I'll resize them.

Good start there rleete.  :thumbup:

One of the reasons I never seemed to get projects done was the same as you. To self critical on projects. Had to make everything exact. It's known as "tool makers disease". I finally got over that or I'd still not have "any" kitchen cabinet done.

So make the part and if it fits together with the next part, then go on to the third and so on. You'll eventually have your engine done.

Ok, lets see some more soon. :thumbup:


Very nice start! Keep the pictures coming!


Great start:  :clap:

come on lets see the rest  :poke:




Divided he ad:
Glad you decided to show your work Roger  :)

Now, there is some extra pressure because you have an audience.... But that certainly doesn't mean you can't take your time   :coffee:

I'm certainly looking forward to seeing the final engine   :thumbup:



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