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What this board is for?


What is this board for?

Well, we believe that it is possible to learn from our mistakes. If we share our mistakes, we can all learn.

It is possible, that we may not know why we made the mistake or even what is was. If we bring it out for discussion, we can learn when/how the blunder was made and how to avoid it.

Plus, we have a cool place to display our "art" (otherwise known as mistakes)


Hmmmm, that's a tough one, especally if you never make a mistake?  I mean some 'other' machinests may make mistakes, blunders and boo-boo's, however, I SIR, will have you know I make revisions, modifications and enhancements! But Never a mistake!  :med:


P.S.  :mmr:


Gee, I am surprised.  I will have you know that I have never once make a misteak!  50,000 times, maybe, but never once!

I made a great big mistake the other night , I was making some ally strips for my chair arms when the cutter dropped down in the R25 collet (probably me clime milling) and then I had a big groove in my mill bed 8 mm wide by 60mm long and about 2 mm deep,  :doh: :doh: :doh:

Oh how the air went blue I have only had this mill a few months the last one I had nearly 5 years and not a scratch on it when I sold it, phoned up warco still waiting for a price. :bang:

                     :ddb: :nrocks: :ddb:  Peter   :ddb: :nrocks: :ddb:


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