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Building a PCP airgun.

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Well i have been looking around on the interwebz for a while and have been figuring out that i could build my own pcp airgun.. That is something that really interests me. For one i live in sweden, and all types of rifles are highly regulated here. - But there is a loop hole, Airguns.. So here is the plan. Building a Bullpup PCP airgun, similar to the edgun. Singleshot of course. I will build everything but the barrel.. i have no clue how to rifle a barrel myself sooo, i will buy that.. I found some cheap ones from bulgaria, cost about 20 so its not really a hassle.

For this i need to learn some things. And this is why i do this mainly.
1) Threading.. inner and outer threads in metric..
2) Boring, making a long precision turned hole in a block with a 4 jaw chuck..
3) Milling and flycutting internal cavities on my mini mill.

So i started out this evening.. i got some roundstock home and have scrounged up a aluminium block. I have never ground a hss tooling in my life, so i started out and looking at some tutorials about that, and ground a HSS flycutter for my mini mill.

So bare in mind, this is my first ever attempt on flycutting.. ever...

Below are a solidworks drawing i have been working on. I know there is a book about it. But i really wanna try to do it buy myself based on my own ideas.


Good job with the fly cutter, looks very good :thumbup: :clap:

Hi NeoTech

Looks like your passed the grinding HSS cutter test with flying colours  :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Interesting project too  :dremel:


Nice job on the fly cutting but I am a little confused about your picture.
If I am looking at it correctly you pull the cocking bolt back and it opens up for the pellet at the same time. I am assuming your not going to have a magazine as there does not seem to be room, so each pellet will have to be inserted by hand.
one problem I see is that the spring will make it neccesary to hold back the cocking bolt while you insert the pellet this would require three hands or holding the gun with your knees.
The other problem is that i dont see anything other than the lighter spring holding the pellet probe in place, this would mean that some of the force would be lost and could make the power erratic.
Please feel free to correct me. I look forward to following your build, I have "the modern pneumatic airgun" by H.M. Buckley and did make a gun a while back but lacked the funds to do it properly with the correct materials so it was far from ideal.


--- Quote from: NeoTech on January 17, 2012, 03:26:44 PM ---
So bare in mind, this is my first ever attempt on flycutting.. ever...

--- End quote ---

Well that is a whole lot better looking that my first attempt was! 


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