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A hacksaw isnt a good choice. A Bridgeport clone is better.


SPiN Racing:
SO when my friend was over and we were working on his car. I had saved a lot of stuff to do to it, so he would have plenty to keep him busy, and he would get to get the feel of things. That things are not simple like they appear on the net.
You all know what is involved in making things.. and some things go together fast... some just take a lot of time, even if they are easy.

I had ordered some polyurethane bushings for the frontend of his car, and needed to pull the a-arms and replace the bushings with the poly ones.
However... the factory bushings have a steel core, and rubber vulcanised around it. THen its pressed onto the a-arm, over a large barb of sorts.

SO I grab the a-arm and put it in the vice carefully and start working on removing the bushing.. (There was no way to fit it in the press I could finagle.)

After figuring out there was steel in there I got a hack saw.. and started to cut at a shallow angle along it. SO I could cut off a small radius of it, and simply remove it.

My best friend looks at me with this annoyed look of disbelief... and says..  "Umm Dude..... why dont you just Mill it off?????"

SO yeah.

I then ploped them in the big honking vice in the mill, chucked in a little end mill and very carefully... slowly milled a groove in it, slowly deeper until with a "plink" noise cracked open from the pressure of the rubber.

Second time around.. I was a little smarter.. I think..
And I used a larger End Mill to machine it.

That's one way to do it. Major time (and arm) saving. Good job.



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