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Gerhard Olivier:
Hi just to say hi.  New to this site.

Wondering how dificult it would be to make a hand controll for a stepper motor, One switch for direction and a wheel for speed.

I'm thinking to make a power feed for a small milling machine and stepper motors are relativly cheap.??

Is this even possible????

As you can tell my electronics know-how can be summed by ZIP

Hi Gareth

I'm looking at doing a symilar mod myselve some time in the future. I got some information from another chap who has complete a modification to a small mill using windscreen wiper motors, if you email me I'll forward it to you. You can pick my email up from member details


Gerhard & Stew,

Peter (HS93), has been thru all that learning curve and has produced (or had produced) a wonderful manual control box for steppers that will be used on his CNC mill project.

I should think it would revolve around how big the mill was, and as such the power required to move the axis, as to whether you can get the steppers cheaply enough.


Stew, sorry mate I modded your post by mistake, pressed the wrong button... :bow:

I seem to be all thumbs these days....!!!

I wanted to reply with something like can you share on here rather than email details privately?

Pleaaase..... :)

Thanks John

I see Peter's at Liverpool so not too far away.




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