Author Topic: Flat leaf transfer bag from 1970's canvas floor game cloth  (Read 3043 times)

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Flat leaf transfer bag from 1970's canvas floor game cloth
« on: November 05, 2011, 11:41:52 AM »
I have a troy vacuum/shredder/chipper for leafs at my house and my parents and the daughters place.

Is the opening of the bag on the unit lower center, Problem is these

Now the black thing inside the bag is a plastic bag holder open till you fill it. It works great, but the bags are about 2 times smaller than the opening on the catcher bag. Since the catcher can hold about seven times the debris of one of the leaf bags shredded into small pieces. It becomes a mess in transferring the debris from one to the other.

A couple of years ago I saw 3 guys doing landscape using a blue trap and emptying them into a truck. I had thought that might work fo this, but it would have to be a one party deal.

I was given a large canvas ground cloth that had a map of the US painted on it. They were popular in the 70's for schools to use games other than dodge ball! It was originally 30'x70' with the assorted sponsors around the edges.
It was a real pain in the seat cushion to use and store weighed about 80 pounds.
the gym teacher weighed about 85 soaking wet! :bugeye:

So I cut it up and continue to cut it in to useable pieces as needed. I had a small section about 3'x5'

I used double sided carpet tape to seam the edges, then I put grommets at each corner, and in the middle of 3 of the sides. None on the 4th as that is the dump end into the bag.

I had this carbiner and an old S hook from a tie down strap to use as a handle and to keep the center closed. I also had 7 harness chain clips handy that I put in the grommets so that i could keep the sides closed up to minimize the leafs falling out. I will try some other items but it will have to weight till next week.

So far it has worked out great cut the time emptying the bagger out in half even when it takes to dumps. Thought that others in the climate were the leaves fall, and don't have space on the property to compost them. Might find it useful :thumbup:
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