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This guy built a 4 wheel drive, bike engined carbon fiber bodied race car. It has a pretty amazing build log in it. He is currently working on getting them manufactured.

His website is worth a browse. WARNING: again be prepared to spend a lot of time there

DP Cars


I should note this... it is neat to see the start where he doesn't know much and watch how far he comes along.


SPiN Racing:
OMG I Love the DP1.

Truly an imspiration to me, as I have been watching his site since he originally started.

The funny thing.. when he started way back he was VERY single. No sign of a woman anyplace.. and over the years, started dating, and got married. Now they ride bikes together.
He taught her to ride, and now she is doing track days on her bike.

I Love the DP1.

Not really something I want... the 4WD and single seat to the side thing doesnt do it for me.

I will find a pic of my friends car.... It really... honestly makes the DP1 seem.. amateur.

Its a older formula car chassis modified to be 4WD, and 4 wheel steering. It held the records for the CHimney Rock hillclimb on and off for years.
Originally had a 13B rotary with a 16.5K redline, dry sump. And a very unique intake port design I have never seen anyplace else. Big primary port.. but still good for low end power(Effective to around 8K). Huge Bridge secondary port.. for higher end power(Up to around 10-11K). Peripheral ported Rotor Housings, (good for around 12K-13K). End result of this was a cranky thing that wouldnt run.
He then machines up a ACtual progressive 6 Barrel throttle body for it, with individual runners to each port. Then had Bosh come hook up a fuel injection setup for it. (This was early 80s I believe).
Was over 650HP Normally aspirated Rotary.

He ended up having to remove the rotary engine because it was simply too loud with the twin zoomie megaphones out the back. (It had the engine in the back Obviously)

The state I saw it run.. in a AUTOCROSS... was with a FJ1200 engine HEAVILY modified. Running on 100 percent Methanol, with a roots style supercharger, and twin 51IDA Weber carbs on top. Air shifter for the gears.

When they gave the go ahead.. this fire breathing beast of a car, ripped up to around 8K RPM, and BANG, into gear. All 4 wheels had roostertails of rubber as it leapt away. Two or three turns and several gears later and the thing spun. Re-start.. several more corners and another spin.
This went on till he posted a truly terrible time.
Thing is.. it was set up for hill climb.. so the tight turns, and things.. they had to power steer it a bit. It turned out to be too much for an autocross.

Oh and they didnt have all the wings on it either.


And now.... Knowing about those two cars..... That is why there is a ZX-9 in my garage.. awaiting a new chassis to be built at some point. :D


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