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Anodizing aluminium without battery acid

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I came across this link on another forum and thoughsodium hydrogen sulfate and is used to lower the ph in home swimming poolst it may be of use.  Haven't tried it yet but likely will.  In our area battery acid isn't the easiest substance to get so this may be more convenient.

This method uses sodium hydrogen sulfate which is used to lower the ph in home swimming pools.  I haven't sourced it yet but with all the pools in our area I expect it will be easy to come by.


John -- In my area of the world (USA, Pacific Northwest), 5 gal of sulfuric acid runs about $40 at any primary auto supply house (NAPA or other mechanic's part supply house -- not the DIY mechanic's supply houses).  If they do not know you, they are likely to require you to sign a waiver stating that you know how to handle and dispose of acid.  I use it all the time for passivating stainless steel.

Hi John,

Hitherto, I have used sulphuric acid for what little anodising I have done. That method looks worth a try and must be safer, though I'm not sure if that particular chemical will be as readily available in the UK. Home swimming pools are rarer here - the weather is a bit against us. Battery acid is hard to find in these days of sealed batteries, but the acid from the dead ones I got for 0.00 from the local tyre/battery shop seems to work perfectly well.


Hi John ,,,,,,, thanks for posting the link ,,,,,, very interesting :smart:


Nice write up, I`ll be giving that a go next week and will let you know how it goes!


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