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I am building a Atkinson steam wagon but the supplied wheels are not that good, I would like to use lorry type tires like they did at the end of the working life so any ideas where I can get some a bit like the ones on the rear of this traction  engine I need 2 at  80mm overal dia and  4 at 85mm overall dia and scale looking the wheels are not a problem ill turn up some


First place I would hit is your local toy store. The big box ones like here in the states Toy's R us would have the best selection of useable tires either In the auto truck tractors. Or even the small wagons. Then you could pull a mold off them if they aren't the type of rubber you want.
Tire casting rubber
You probably can source this closer to home
In case you can't see the web page here is all the info:
Mix this 2-part off-white urethane rubber with black pigment (#82135 sold separately) and pour into a silicone rubber mold to make tires for your scale autos and trucks. Cures in 24 hours with negligible shrinkage to the feel of real rubber tires. 2 lb. kit mixes 1:1 by volume. 30 minute pot life. Hardness of cured material: Shore 40A.

I believe that Micro Mark product is smooth on's VytalFlex series #40
Smooth on VytaFlex® Urethane Rubber
They have a local London sale office.
I have used there products in the past and have good results and happy with them.
 I do know that on some forums the brand smooth-on is a bad word, But most of the smaller off brand names are just smooth-on products re packaged  :doh:

You can look throu their relpacement tires here
The last set I was planning on buying for my weed wacker buggy were about 190MM 7.5" dia  That is a 1/5 1/6 scale buggy most of the others are 10mm to 20 mm smaller for the other scales with a non knobby tread on the tires.

thanks for the links ,I had looked through the rc cars tyres (ex rc car racer for 25 years) but none are the right dia or type , the full sized steam wagon they are for    started life with moulded on solid tyres and towards the end of there working life had pneumatic tyres, and that is what I am going to try and fit Ill try toys are us at the weekend


Have a look at the RC lorry tyres rather than car/buggy ones. Tamiya do some 1/14th scale lorries that may be about the right size. Or have a look at some of the German RC sites they like their commercial vehicles.

Here you go just need to measure a full size tyre and divide by 14 to see if its the correct size



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