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Bowling ball engraving vise

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Powder Keg:
Thanks for the compliments. It's nothing that hasn't been done before. I just showed how I made mine. I found pictures on the internet and went for it. I'm making some pin jaws so I can hold irregular stuff as well. Pictures when they are done.


Powder Keg:
I finally got back out into my shop! We had our sewer line quit working on us and I couldn't afford to have it fixed. So I ended up doing it myself, with the help of some good friends. What a job!!!

I made some pin jaws and pins for my crappy vise. I also turned up a base out of a scrap piece of tube.

Here it is all done. I'm happy with my results:o)




That is a fantastic recycling project!

Well done!  :headbang:


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