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where to get cheap delrin/acetel rod slices

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i need some black delrin/acetel rod for the project i bought my lathe for (replica german electric train controllers)

i need some 120mm diamiter rod, and judging by the price of the 100mm stuff on ebay, it's out of my price range,

the part i need them for would be a simple disc, 120mm diamiter by 25mm wide, and i need 6 or 7 of them in total,

anyone know where i can get off cuts of this stuff in/near the size i need? or know of something else i could use, thinking ice hockey pucks, but dont even know their size, let alone what they are made of,


At that size you would be better off buying it in sheet form, it will work out much cheaper.

Bearing in mind there ain't no such thing as cheap ... rod or sheet.

Black HDPE or PVC sheet is less than Delrin/Acetal ..


But if it needs to be acetal ...

No Idea.


I bought my acetal from directplasticsonline. I got 100mm of 150diameter rod for 40 delivered, but when it arrived it had a note saying their bandsaw was out of action and they hope I don't mind but they sent me a 200mm long off-cut because they didn't want to delay my order.

Nope - I didn't mind :D

Looking at their site, their Delrin is limited to 100mm diameter but they'll do you 250mm of 125mm dia black acetal for 62 plus delivery. HDPE is half the cost.

--- Quote from: Swarfing on October 02, 2011, 04:24:20 AM ---Gazz

At that size you would be better off buying it in sheet form, it will work out much cheaper.

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Can't even get close with sheet vs the cost of rod on that site. You could part 7 pieces 25mm thick from 250mm of rod but to do it in sheet you'd need to spend at least 50% more on material then find a way of cutting 120mm discs from it.

Davis Industrial Plastics show 120mm diameter x 250 mm of black acetal rod (generic Delrin) at 45.72 - second iten down in the right-hand column here: . Their delivery charges start at 1.95, with a maximum of 17 for big stuff.

I bought some Tufnol from them once, and found them good to deal with.


Edit: just noticed that their prices don't include VAT, so 45.72 becomes 54.87.


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