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So I am trying to get some other obligations out of the way as quickly as possible. Have some kickstands and other motorcycle parts. I hope to have everything done by the end of the month. I am looking to start quite a few small projects to run parallel builds. However, I want to start one of my planned larger projects as well.

But which one?

I have 4 in mind... in no order

1. Rebuild of an old Yamaha xs400 into a modern cafe racer
2. Finish stuffing a large bore 2-stroke engine into a sportbike (for you bike guys, think old school motoGP replica)
3. Ground up frame build of a V-twin sportbike with an alternative front end (no forks here!)
4. A side by side ride in trike

I can hear the moans from here! I know I know, they are powersports items! Please be reassured that the other projects that I will be doing at the same time are for this board as well!

Anyone have a suggestion or which one should be done?


I should say this...

For all these projects, they have already been started.

project 1... have the donor bike and it is sitting on the bench
project 2... have the donor frame, engine mounts have been started also have the bottom end of the engine
project 3... have the engine and various parts
project 4... the design of the frame has started in CAD. Have the engine (mock anyway) that will be used and various other parts.

The cheapest maybe project 1. Ofc, it will be just as hard to title as the other 3 if not harder. The original owner doesn't have the title. BUT I didn't get it from him. I got it from the guy the owners father sold it to (for free). So I would have to use a title service.

The other 3 will fall into almost the same expense and difficulty. #4 would probably be slightly more expensive


Well Eric,

Since I'm kind of in the same boat (and it's sinking :lol: ) but with other projects.

I've come to the conclusion that if I work on the one that has my attention for that moring I work on it. Needless to say sometimes nothing gets done. Then along comes a another interesting project and it gets added to the list.

I'd say if you have 4 definat projects work on them as one big project. They all are related to each other somehow. So one day you work on the cad drawing. Then another day work on getting that engine stuffed in.

Ya I know, you'd like to get least one done before starting the next.

The wife would call the way I do it multitasking. Then she'd asked me what I got done that day. I'd say noting, couldn't decide what project to work on.  :lol:  :lol:


P.S. Start with project #1 since that's the one you listed first.

Home workshop engineering, Procrastination is thy name.  :coffee:

Yep, you got the Backyard Builder's Blues!   Been there, done that, wearing the tee-shirt.  (insert head banging smiley here IF WE HAD ONE  :scratch:)

I approach my projects like I would any project I would do for hire. 
Planning/Replanning/REPLANNING AGAIN!
Coffee Break :coffee:
Material acquisition
Coffee Break :coffee:
Coffee Break :coffee:
Cut down
Work on the last thing needed for the job so I have a goal to work towards.
Coffee Break :coffee:
Finish working on the last part.
Coffee Break :coffee:
Clean shop
Coffee Break :coffee:
Go to house and turn on the TV.

Be sure to allow adequate time for chin rubbing and butt scratching (failure to do so will lead to unsatisfactory parts and necessary re-works).

--- Quote ---I know I know, they are powersports items! Please be reassured that the other projects that I will be doing at the same time are for this board as well!
--- End quote ---

What's wrong with "powersports"?   "If it ain't got wheels, it ain't a sport!"
There are other websites for the toy steam engines.  I got run off of one of them and thought I had found a home here since it promised to include a couple of things I am interested in.  My idea of a neat little engine is a 120 Offenhauser running on alcohol (yes I have been known to restore these from time to time).  Next to the wail of an Offy hauling the straight, the sound of a 460 CID Small Block "pushin' the cushion" is a close second. 

Keep on posting the "motorsport" stuff  :poke:.


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