Author Topic: E-books, Practical Blacksmithing 4 volumes  (Read 9817 times)

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E-books, Practical Blacksmithing 4 volumes
« on: August 24, 2011, 11:59:03 AM »
Here is a series of e books that will have a wider appeal.

A collection of articles contributed at different times by skilled workmen to the columns of "the blacksmith and wheelwright" and covering nearly the whole range of blacksmithing from the simplest job of work to some of the most complex forgings.

Vol#1 Practical Blacksmithing

Vol#2 Practical Blacksmithing

Vol#3 Practical Blacksmithing

Vol#4 Practical Blacksmithing

Now to save you some time(4 hours over 3 days), and frustration in trying to load all 4 volumes on to the device at the same time.
The party that loaded the scans of the books did it before the E-readers were around. In they did count on the way the E-reader software sorts. If you try to load them as you download them. It will only load one of them and treat the others as copies. In addition one of the volumes is out of sequencing numbers in the archive storage. Volume #2 has a 00 instead of 02.
So with the edit metadata function of calibre,  pick the title of one volume Were it has the TITLE box you have to add the Vol#1 in front of Practical Blacksmithing. You also have to change it in the next box to the right called,TITLE SORT after you change the title the title sort box will be red indicating that it is different. When you change it in this box to match the title box exactly the color will change to green.
Do this for each volume# separate book. When you transfer them to your E-reader all 4 will show up as the separate volumes.

What can be said about these 4 books of collected tips, procedures and wisdom of practicing smiths and wheel wrights from back in the day.*

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Re: E-books, Practical Blacksmithing 4 volumes
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2011, 12:18:42 PM »
Thanks Glen

My wife will enjoy these!

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