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George Daniels - Watchmaking (amazing, for ANY machinist!!)

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Chris...What blinkered glasses?  :D  Judging by your posts, you do have broad interests!

If you have some experience it is a good read, particularly if you are interested in making/repairing clocks & watches, barometers, instruments etc. since the tools and techniques described in the first 6 chapters have wider application than making/repairing watches.

I have a Bergeon watchmakers lathe and, as a rank amateur seeking detailed explanation of an operation, I found that George Daniels was more useful to me than the UK standard work by Donald de Carle's "The Watchmaker's Lathe" or the Swiss equivalent H. Jendritzki's "The Watchmaker and his Lathe".

However for general engineering the average beginner is better off with works from the 45-odd volumes "Workshop Practice Series", or books like Lawrence Sparey's "The Amateur's Lathe". 


Ohh yea, it certainly isn`t going to be the bread for any beginner but I just think it is amazing!

I really really would like a proper watchmakers lathe but they are just too expensive. I`ve just recieved a jacots pivot polishing lathe which is lovely, but only useful for the one main job of polishing - I`ll post it up on the forums soon.

 I have De Carle's - "With the watchmaker at his lathe", "Practical Clock Repair", "Practical Watch Repair" and i`ve never read it, but I`ve also got his book "Complicated Watches and their Repair" - all very good but Daniels book - "Watchmaking" is just at another level!!  :med: :med: :med: :med: :med: :med: :med:

Look out for Boley lathes on ebay Chris.

Hi Chris,

On your recommendation and the comments by others in this thread I have bought 'the book'.  To be honest, I too am just blown away by the hardback form, its actual size, and its contents of over 400 pages of extremely detailed engineering, machining, fixture holding, and techniques, with illustrations, of machining and preparation of simple and complex forms.  Unfortunately, I will be away from my workshop for at least a year while working overseas, but this book will accompany me.  From just the very few pages I have read, it is well worth while.  Yes, I am trying to build a clock, and it is proving to be a rewarding but challenging assault on my limited skills.  I have completed only the plates, the plate spacers and the dial so far of a Strutt Epicyclic.....the next phases will be the gear cutting, and I really want to read the book before hand .


Bry, Boleys are too expensive for me sadly. I have been offered a lorch at 250, flat bed model but it is 500mm bed length and 60mm width, taking 10mm collets. This to me still seems like a tool makers size, I know I often see the 6mm and 8mm boley collet lathes for sale and presume they are more suitable.

Allan - you`ll have to post some pictures of your clock (I don`t think I`ve seen any!) I`m gad you like the book. My review was honest and I still feel the same about it, the book still just blows me away. I only wish I was touting for sales and I was a relation to George Daniels!!  Good luck with your build and hope the book is a worthy companion on your year out. Keep us informed of your progress.

I have read twice now that this final print is coming to the end of its stock pile! I think Amazon 28 is a bargain considering I nearly paid many many times that for it back some years ago.  I now want "Tourbillon- About My Passion" by Steffen Pahlow

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