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Well I am the owner of this board.... I have the start of a tried and tested great team (Thanks Rick for letting steal a few).

I used to run this board a few years back and had it directed primarily at the powersports segment (mainly sport bikes and such). I shut it down after I was unhappy with the way it was going. After spend A LOT of time on Rick's HMEM site, I realized I could have the board I wanted. SOOO I shifted it slightly and recruited some of the best admins and mods. And here it is.

On to me. I am someone who CANNOT leave things alone. I love to tinker, destroy and create. I have wide and varying interests. From cooking to reading to diving to riding motorcycles. My wife has almost the same interests (makes us a fun pair). I have found in my journeys on the web, there are many like me. Craftsmen. People who can craft wood, metal, composites and electrons to do the things they want. And those of us who want to be able to do that (namely me ;D)

I want to give these people (that would be you!) a place to share ideas, teach and show off.



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