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This is anothere boat I am building , I like to use what i think the best type of material for the job and tend not to stick to normal practice. the boat is a Fire Float mk11 used by the RAF from 1952 for servicing Princess flying boats . they where sold off in 1958. there where two boats built, they where a topic modeld by lots of modelers as there was a popular kit in the 60s . this was great when everyone used small IC s to power but they are a but on the heavey side.

I had built a few over the years and when a fiberglass bare hull became avalable I decided to build a light weight boat, I asked the chap who does the hulls to keep it light for me and I have used Light ply for the internals with as much removed as I was happy with . (I tend to be a belt and braces person) It also had to have good speed so I have gone down the route of 2.5 to 1 belt drive and brushless motors. I have used a very thin fiberglas sheet 0.005mm to cover the decks and plasticard for the superstucture. I have made most of the fittings out of brass , but it is a bit lighter that the lead/tin normally used. the boat is ready for paint now so ill post some more when finnished.

This is the fiberglass material I used and the fun holding it down its the one on the right

and the last few pictures show the decks befor covering, I should be able to get a half decent finnish on the outside now with out the problem of the grain liffting and paint peel. the plasticard was cut on my mill with a router cutter and I was able to rebate the back of the windows so it looks correct for depth

and a few fittings

last few picture , this is befor I finnished the tow hook, this boat is 1/16 scale 34" and I have built a 1/24th  scale 24" boat recently built hear are a few pictures.


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