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 Don't know if anyone else has seen this, but it certainly answers a lot of questions.

   Regards   Ian.

I might be able to add a bit of exp here   :D

Depends on what you are trying to finish of course but here's my discoveries over the years.

I once found a very rusty steel milk churn that I wanted to put in the garden for no other reason than curiosity.

I did very little prep, just washed it really, and painted it right over the heavy rust with a product called POR-15.
That was around 15 years ago, it's still in the garden and the paint is still on it. This paint brushes on really well leaving a very smooth gloss finish, but it does not like UV rays which make it go milky coloured. But you can overpaint it to get around this.

Inside of course this isn't a problem. I have a steel cabinet done at the same time and it still looks fine.

Another paint I tried about a year ago was floor paint. Johnsons I think it was.
I painted my S&B lathe with it to tidy it up a bit. It sticks like S*&t to a blanket, covers well, even slightly oily bits too. Oops, but it hasn't come off.
Best of it is though, it's very easy to clean/wash down and very very tough. Drop tools on it no problem, won't chip or even mark much.

Only problem I found was it left some slight brush marks, but not too bad, you've seen the lathe.

Darren  :wave:

Oh and I can also personally recommend Marine Clean and Metal Ready, they all work very well.

Metal ready is used for new metal prep, not rusty stuff btw. Por-15 likes rusty metal and water makes it cure harder. Opposite to other paints so great in damp conditions.

here you go!

Thanks for all the links & info... but I'm not intending to do any anodising / powder coating, don't have the facilities nor the finances, just want to paint the likes of inside of aluminium flywheels ( 6" dia) so would some form of etching paint & spray car enamel be suitable (Halfords / B&Q  :scratch: ).



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