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I like it!!
« on: May 11, 2008, 06:44:15 PM »
Eric, Was steered here from the HMEM site.  I enjoy so much I hardly have time to do it all. I just hop from one to the other when I get bored with something from working on it too long. Among my hobbies are and not necessarily in order.
Machining- (working on a Elmer's Wood Beam Engine now)
R/C-  I mostly have electric small stuff that I can fly in my backyard, small Helis. I also built my own single stick radio (rare these days!)
Telescopes- mainly long range photography of high flying aircraft. I am still working on a good way to track(find) them opticaly first.
I also do reloading, plinking mostly, my son just  acquired a "Savage" sniper rifle and we are playing with it at 2K yards.

All I need is another forum to keep up with but this one seems right down my alley,


Julian Garrett

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Re: I like it!!
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Cool hobbies!

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Science is fun.

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