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Model RC steam Tug

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Nice looking tug there Pete. Obviously it's a kit, right? Looks like your adding your own detail.

I'd like to build a stern wheel paddle boat one of these days. Steam powered ofcourse.  :D

Aagin, nice job on the tug.  :thumbup:  :headbang:


Thanks for that chaps. I bought a bare fiberglass moulding,Picture and the rest is scratch built, there are one or two bits that have been bought, mainley bits like railings that are that cheap and very boring to make, the large vents are two halves of a vacuum styrine vent that I should have made from scratch as they took about 3 days to get to that stage, but they where the right shape, one of the problems with the boat is that it is of a HS tug , these where built to replace the tugs lost in the first war, there where a lot built but none are left and very little info is avalable, so when ever I find any more info I alter it. it has lead to a lot of scrap and a lot of time blowing up very old pictures for detail.I am on the second compleat superstucture. i am at the stage where I have about 3 trays full of brass fittings and I need to start the paint


Looking at all this Peter makes me want to start scratch building again, but I daren't.

Not after just getting rid of 40 years of model boating tooling and all the associated bits and bobs. I think the only thing I have left is a kit in the loft from the early 70's. Just getting ripe for a killing on ebay.

People just don't realise, that just one small fitting can take days to make, and by the looks of it, you have made a fabulous job of them as well.

The decking is something else, and winch looks superb, shame you have to cover all that great work up with paint.


I have to agree with Bog's, that decking is superb and that pilot house is fantastic.  :thumbup: Very nice job scratch building. :thumbup:

What scale is the boat? Inquiring minds need to know. :)



That build is inspiring. I love to see work like that. You sir, rock  :headbang:



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